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M1 DTG Textile Printer принтер для печати на тканях и текстиле




♦ Screen: Touch panel and full color screen

♦ Control System: PLC Control, programmable and upgradeable.

♦ Transmission Type: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet interface

 Printing Size: 60cmx125cm

♦ Printing Quantity: Capable for 6 pcs of A4 t-shirts per cycle

♦ Alarm System: Up, Down, Front, Back, 4 directions with alarm system

♦ Emergency Stop: YES!

♦ Maintenance: Separate maintenance box for easy access

 Model:  MT-FPM1-TS 
 Ink & Material  Ink Color  8 color / CMYK+White
 Ink Bottle Volumeq  500ml/bottle * 6pcs
 Ink Type  Textile ink
 Ink Cost  White color t-shirt, USD0.6-0.9/pc / 40x40cm
 Dark color t-shirt, USD1.1-1.5/pc / 40x40cm
 Print Material  Light color & dark color textile, above 80% cotton
Solution  Light Color Textile  Color ink 
 olor Textile  Pre-treatment solution + White Ink + Color Ink  
Printing Quality  Print Resolution  User definable up to 2880*1440dpi 
 (Recommend setting:1440x1440dpi for white ink,1440x720dpi for  color ink)
 Platform Size  60x125cm
 Platform configuration · Standard clothing tray: 6pcs of 30x40cm
   (Max. Printing  Size: 28x38cm)
· You can also choose: 3pcs 40x40cm, or 2pcs of 40x53cm
· Accept custom size clothing tray, Max. size up to 40 x 53cm
 Print Speed  White color t-shirt, 160sec / piece
 Dark color t-shirt, 320sec / piece
 (The data is based on 1440*720dpi resolution)
 Print Height  Up to 10cm, adjustable
 Print Material Weight  Up to 5kg
 Two Pass Deviation  ±0.5mm at 25℃ 50-60%RH
Print Technology  Printing Direction  Smart Single/ Bi-directional printing mode
 Printing Method  Non-contact micro piezoelectric ink-jet printing
 Printing Nozzle  180 nozzles*8
 Nozzle Protection  Touch detection automatic protection system
 Control Panel  Touch-screen, 4.3-inch, full color
 Control System  PLC control servo motor, Upgradeable
 Height Adjustment  Semi-automatic, Intelligent infrared induction alarm system
 Position Detection  Up, Down, Forward, Back, 4 directions with limit position  control system
 Transmission Type  Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
 Power Protection  UPS power, protect machine when power break
 Emergency Stop  Individual emergency stop button
 Ink Cure  By heat press machine,160℃,Only 60sec;  By dryer, 160℃,  4mitutes
General Info.  Working Environment  Temperature: 10~35℃; Humidity: 20-80%RH
 Water Durability
 4 degree
 Power Supply  AC110/220V±10%, 50hz-60hz, Power=600w
 Driver  Windows XP/7/8
 Software  RIP software
 Language  English, Chinese
Packing  Weight  Printer: 400kg
 Package (with fumigation-freewooden case): 450kg
 Vol. weight: 1015.46kg
 Dimensions  Printer: L235*W140*H120cm
 Package (with fumigation-free wooden case): L252*W146*H138cm,  5.08M3
 HS Code  8443321300
 Price include
 Machine body, 6pc 30*40cm clothing tray, 1pc RIP Software,  1set 7880 printer driver CD, 1set ink bottle, 1pc power cord,  1 wifi receiver, 1set repair kits, 1set stirring apparatus

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